10 Reasons You Should Protect the Honey Bees

About nine years ago, beekeepers became aware that the population of honey bees is decreasing rapidly and in the last 5 years, the number of colonies in the United States has dropped for about 30%. Scientists are still searching for the cause of this problem and they have even given it a name – Honey bees Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD.

Meanwhile some bee lovers have decided to help beekeepers to solve this problem by raising the awareness of the importance of bees.

Many of us fear bees because our parents taught us, that bees can suddenly attack and sting people.

There are also many people who think that every stinging insect is a bee which means that they don’t recognize bees among different insects.

There are also people who destroy beehives because they think that red wasps, mud dauber and yellow jackets live there.

This destruction leads to some very serious consequences.

We are presenting 10 reasons why each of us should protect the honey bees.

1. There will be no food without bees

90% of the world’s food supply comes from 100 different crop species and 70% of them are pollinated by bees. If there are no bees, the food sources will be limited, the prices will increase and we will experience many problems.

2. Bees are crucial for the local agriculture

Those who support beekeepers are actually supporting the local economy too. If you buy local, raw honey, you can expect the number of bees and hives to grow. Inform your local authorities that you want flowers that are used by bees and ask them to stay away from dangerous pesticides.

3. We all love honey

Just think about it. Is there anyone that doesn’t like honey? You can use it in many different ways – teas, smoothies, eaten by the spoonful, on a piece of bread etc.

4. You want to prevent illegal smuggling

Unfortunately most of the honey found in grocery stores, drug stores and fast food restaurants is heavily processed and contains some dangerous substances (chloramphenicol and lead for example) that are most often smuggled in the US from China. So, try to buy honey from the local Farmers’ Market.

5. Work in your garden

You don’t have to start growing a hive, simply plant bee-friendly flowers and plants in your garden. This practice will definitely help bee population.

6. The nature needs bees

If there is no interaction between plants and honey bees, our natural ecosystem will cease to exist. Bees are not helpful only for proper crop development, they are also crucial for the existence of wild plants, flowers and trees.

7. Honey is a natural health remedy

Honey is used in many natural health remedies used for different health problems. Taking honey straight or using it in tea can help people get rid of cough for example.

Honey is frequently used against allergies and even against fever. Read more about the health benefits of Manuka Honey.

8. You want to support unusual holidays

Yes, there is a day dedicated to honey. August 22nd is the National Honey bees Awareness Day for 6 years now. There are many local beekeeping communities that celebrate this day, so make sure to use the Internet and find where this holiday will be celebrated in your area.

9. You want to support a good cause

Those who want to be involved with a good cause can certainly find many projects related to bee preservation and protection. The NAAPC (National American Pollinator Protection Campaign) and The Bee Cause Project are some of the organizations that help this cause.

10. You love horses

That’s right, you’ve read this correctly. Honey is often used to cure thrush in horse hooves in a completely natural way.

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