‘This is the kind of bullshit we are going to hear from this clown’ – Mark Levin destroys Biden for vaccine remarks


Biden just gave a speech this morning where he talked about, among other things, distributing the COVID vaccine which Pfizer just announced today was nearly ready for distribution, apparently giving Trump no credit for making this vaccine happen. Mark Levin destroyed him:

Can’t disagree with him one iota. Biden has no new ideas and will just end up recycling what Trump has already done, assuming he wins. And with parts of the world going back on lockdown again, you can be sure Biden will follow suit with that as well.

Speaking of despicable Democrats, here’s the governor of New York trashing this vaccine from Pfizer this morning:

Before it does damage? Huh? Oh he must be thinking of his irresponsible covid policy that led to thousands upon thousands of elderly being killed in New York nursing homes. That must be it.

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